Special Effects Printing

Foil Effects +White Ink +CMYK on UltraDigital Silver Foil Board 12pt

The HP Indigo 7600 raises the bar in digital print output – and raises customer response.  This feature-rich press uses an array of inks and techniques to create truly unique products in the marketplace:

Raised Clear Ink – is used to enhance the tactile feel of the print surface.  It can be laid over CMYK printing or as a separate layer in a design of its own.   Whether it is used as a single micron layer for a varnished look (15 microns) or as a 30 or 50 micron layer for a truly tactile feel, people will pause when handling a piece – to take in the “wow” factor.

White Ink +CMYK on Neenah Classic Laid Epic Black 80C

White Ink – is used on dark substrates to create remarkable and stimulating visual images.  Whether used alone of  embossed effects on-site pantone (PMS) spot color matching.

Textured Effects – you’ll be “struck” by our ability to emboss and print in the same pass through the Indigo 7600 – saving you $$ and “impressing” your customers at the same time.