High Impact Direct Mail

Tired of 1% response rates on Direct Mail?  TPSi can take you to the next level!  The days of everybody-gets-the-same-message are quickly fading.  We embrace a multi-disciplined, cross-media approach to Direct Mail.  Response rates rise tremendously when Direct Mail is tied to web pages through the use of:

  • Full Color variable content printing
  • pURLS (personalized URLs), cURLS (customized URLS)  and other creative webpage links
  • QR codes
  • Augmented Reality

Our customers have experienced significant response rates (20-fold in one case) through the use of:

  • Individualized maps with Turn-by-Turn directions to a new location.
  • personalized content including variable pictures and contact information of CSRs
  • 22 point list analysis of existing database to find more highly qualified prospects

People respond best when individually addressed.  We can help you craft individual messages to your customers and prospects.  Leave the heavy lifting to us.  Our Dialogue (by Exstream) Software takes all of the data elements and composes the variable content, including mailing address and postal barcode, and delivers a focused, attention-getting piece.

Our mail room team takes the guesswork out of USPS postal-eze by properly presorting and processing your mail for maximum USPS postal discounts.  We stay on top of postal regulations, promotions and incentives for you.