The Newest Technology for Stunning Digital Print

So, What's Your Problem?

  • Want to print on non-digital paper (like French) but the results are sketchy (or worse)?
  • You live by the motto "thicker is better", but you're stuck with 16pt digital substrates?
  • Dealing with poor print registration on synthetic substrates?
  • Ever wish you had a source to print signature brand colors consistently — over multiple substrates?

Hold on to your digital printing hats! Our new HP Indigo 7900 digital presses bring the only solutions to these problems you'll find in the region.

TPSi was chosen by HP as one of only two beta test sites in the U.S. for their new HP Indigo 7900.

Beta Testing is Over! We have two 7900 presses on site at our Tulsa plant. New features include:

  • Digital Ink Priming pretreatment allows for printing on most non-digital substrates
  • Heavy Substrate Kit accommodates substrates up to 18pt
  • One Shot Technology lays down CMYK in one pass, for tight registration on synthetic substrates
  • Media Fingerprint creates a color profile, stores it in the Cloud and then automatically adjusts the print profile to keep your colors true across multiple substrates

For more information, email us at or call 918-254-9622 x 11.